Watkins-Glen-WaterfallsCurtis and I went on a little vacation last weekend. Before heading to our friends lake house, we went to see the Watkins Glen Waterfalls. I’ve been dreaming of going to see the Watkins Glen waterfalls the day I saw an image on Pinterest. The image was of the State Park in the fall. Clearly, it isn’t Fall, so I don’t have those pretty colors that come with the leaves turning colors. Anyways, we got there just in time before closing and spent about 35 minutes walking around. The images below are of the Watkins Glen waterfalls that we did get to see.


Watkins-Glen-WaterfallsWatkins Glen Waterfall-02Watkins-Glen-State-ParkWatkins-Glen-State-ParkWatkins-Glen-WaterfallsWatkins Glen Waterfall-06Watkins-Glen-State-Park

Yes, I did a double exposure of Curtis. It turned out well. I’m somewhat starting to like them.


Watkins Glen State Park