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Anyone who’s ever planned a wedding or large party with multiple moving parts will tell you that the success of that lies in having a great timeline. As one of Atlanta wedding photographers and one with a background in logistics, I can attest that the best weddings are the ones with a solid timeline. With every couple I’ve worked with, I’ve created a timeline for them[...]

While we were in town for Karen and John's wedding. I took the opportunity on Saturday to visit my favorite place in DC; The US Botanical Garden. They are currently having an exhibit on orchids called Orchid Symphony. They always have all different types of Orchids, but this is different. As soon as you walk in, there are hundreds of orchids. I would have taken my [...]

I've heard of the movie the Bride Wore Red, but I have never seen and don't really know what it's about. However, I got an opportunity to unofficially shoot a wedding, but we all know once you commit to something it becomes official. It was my partner's brother's wedding, a very simple and non traditional one. Every photographers dream is a easy to work with bride and[...]