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Following my previous blog post, I’d like to follow up and answer one of the most important questions on everyone’s mind now that you know you need a timeline. How many hours of wedding photography coverage do I need? Most of my customers have never been married and/or have never planned a wedding. So this is when a wedding planner or wedding photographer becomes the [...]

Anyone who’s ever planned a wedding or large party with multiple moving parts will tell you that the success of that lies in having a great timeline. As one of Atlanta wedding photographers and one with a background in logistics, I can attest that the best weddings are the ones with a solid timeline. With every couple I’ve worked with, I’ve created a timeline for them[...]

I should have blogged this wedding months ago or at the very least, last month, since it was Pride Month. Nonetheless, this is Holly and Mellisa's chattanooga wedding. This was my first wedding in Tennessee last year. Holly and Mellisa were married last October in top of Snoopers Rock in Tennessee. They had a small intimate wedding with just their closest friends and [...]

I felt like part of the family for Cassidy and Thomas' White Room wedding down in St. Augustine and that's because I was there when Thomas proposed to Cassidy at Elizabeth Park in Hartford, CT. I captured the moment and had a little mini session. By the time the wedding came around, everyone knew my name and loved my work. I've already received a lot of love from thei[...]

There's an old saying that says, "Once is Chance, Twice is a coincidence, Third time is a pattern." This is my second time entering in the WPJA quarterly contest and my second time having an image win.  As a new Atlanta wedding photographer, I'm excited for the next round of the contest. I don't ever have expect to win, but I am always excited and definitely surprised[...]