While we were in town for Karen and John’s wedding. I took the opportunity on Saturday to visit my favorite place in DC; The US Botanical Garden. They are currently having an exhibit on orchids called Orchid Symphony. They always have all different types of Orchids, but this is different. As soon as you walk in, there are hundreds of orchids.

I would have taken my time, but I took about 20 minutes to walk around since Curtis was not feeling well and sitting outside. I did manage to capture some great details using my macro lens. I’ve actually never been to the garden using my macro lens and it was a totally different experience. Most of these were used with just auto focus, but the really close up must be taken using manual focus, which I enjoy cause it’s a challenge.

When I came out, I snapped a picture of Curtis just for fun. Then he proceeded to take the camera and take on of me.

US Botanical Garden

This is my favorite shot. If you couldn’t tell, I usually put my favorites alone. 😉 I need to go back and identify this plant. I should have taken notes. Oh well, maybe next time I’m down there for another wedding. 


Location: US Botanical Garden – http://www.usbg.gov/