We had a brutal winter and Pam and Chris did not get a break for their Interlaken Inn wedding, but that did not stop me from capturing beautiful moments for these two love birds that have been together for over 15 years. Pam and Chris did indeed meet over 15 years ago while they were in college and Chris just never got around to asking Pam the big question. It was a running joke during the reception, but all is well now and they are both happily married. Having a wedding at the Interlaken Inn is great, they have rooms there for your friends and family to stay and I’m sure it is beautiful during the summer.

They wanted to be surrounded by their furry children on their wedding day, and they did just that at their Interlaken Inn wedding. They were there from the getting ready to the ceremony and reception. There is nothing better than having the ones you love with you on your wedding day even if they are on four legs. Their wedding was officiated by Chris’ brother and they danced all night long at their Interlaken Inn wedding. Comment below if you love the moments you see!

Venue: Interlaken Inn (website)