Marriott Downtown Hartford wedding

I was so excited to photograph Danielle and John’s Marriott Downtown Hartford wedding, because not too many people get married in Hartford and the background is amazing. Hartford, despite it’s reputation, has a beautiful downtown. People don’t live in it, but that’s a different story. I was also excited because John is from Ireland, and he and his groomsmen were going to wear kilts. Their Marriott Downtown Hartford wedding was low-key and fun.

John and Danielle met in Ireland when Danielle went to Dublin back in 2010 and it was love at first sight, according to them and his family. They took in Danielle instantly into their family. They love to watch movies and they both looked forward to seeing each other in the wedding attire. However, they were really excited to see their cake Downtown Hartford weddingmarriott-downtown-hartford-wedding-08Marriott Downtown Hartford weddingmarriott-downtown-hartford-wedding-10marriott-downtown-hartford-wedding-11marriott-downtown-hartford-wedding-12marriott-downtown-hartford-wedding-13marriott-downtown-hartford-wedding-14marriott-downtown-hartford-wedding-15marriott-downtown-hartford-wedding-16marriott-downtown-hartford-wedding-17marriott-downtown-hartford-wedding-18marriott-downtown-hartford-wedding-19marriott-downtown-hartford-wedding-20marriott-downtown-hartford-wedding-21marriott-downtown-hartford-wedding-22marriott-downtown-hartford-wedding-23marriott-downtown-hartford-wedding-24marriott-downtown-hartford-wedding-25

Venue: Marriott Hartford

Kilts: Kilt Rental USA

Band: No Big Deal