I enjoyed going back to Virginia for Joi and Theo’s Foxchase Manor Wedding. The weather was unseasonably gorgeous. How often do you get a 60 degree day in February in Northern Virginia? Not often.  I lived in Virginia for 5 years before moving back to CT and I can honestly say it was the perfect day for a wedding.

Joi and Theo’s wedding day could not have been more perfect. Joi spent the morning getting ready at their home with the company of her sister and Michelle Purdue who did a fabulous job on her makeup. Joi did her own hair and it turned out fabulous.

We headed over to Foxchase Manor to join their wonderful friends and family for their wedding ceremony and reception. Theo’s uncle, Bishop Plummer, officiated the ceremony, which was a really great touch. Later in the evening at their Foxchase Manor wedding reception, Theo’s fraternity brother had a tribute to Joi and then broke out to the Atomic Dog. I don’t think anyone could have prepared me for that one.  You can see how awesome it was in the last few images. Enjoy!

Foxchase Manor Wedding Photographer: Antonio Rocha Photography

Venue: Foxchase Manor

Makeup Artist: Michelle Purdue

Dress, Shoes, Veil, Sash: Vera Wang

Flowers: Liz Decorations

Cake: Cake Sista of DC

foxchase-manor-wedding-shoes-Vera Wangwedding jewelry foxchase-manor-wedding-photos-getting-readyFoxchase_manor_wedding_photography_plummer_wedding-4Foxchase_manor_wedding_photography_plummer_wedding-5wedding at fox chase manor photographyfoxchase-manor-wedding-photos-getting-readyfoxchase-manor-weddingFoxchase_manor_wedding-groomFoxchase_manor_wedding-ceremonyFoxchase_manor_wedding_photography_plummer_wedding-11Foxchase_manor_wedding_photography_plummer_wedding-12wedding at foxchase manorwinter wedding cakeFoxchase_manor_wedding_photography_plummer_wedding-15wedding at foxchase manorFoxchase_manor_wedding_photography_plummer_wedding-17Foxchase_manor_wedding_photography_plummer_wedding-18Foxchase_manor_wedding_photography_plummer_wedding-19Foxchase_manor_wedding_photography_plummer_wedding-20Foxchase_manor_wedding_photography_plummer_wedding-21Foxchase_manor_wedding_photography_plummer_wedding-22Foxchase_manor_wedding_photography_plummer_wedding-23

If you are having a wedding at Foxchase Manor and are looking for a photographer, send me an email.