Waterview-weddingAs a veteran, it is my pleasure to help other veterans, and Gina and Andrew were no exception for their special day at The Waterview wedding in Monroe, CT. Gina and Andrew are a very sweet and loving couple. They are recent graduates of United States Military Academy; Yup, West Point! Hooah as they would say in the Army. Alright, I’ll cease the military jargon and concentrate on The Waterview wedding you are about to enjoy.

Gina and Andrew are a simple couple and their first priority was to be able to enjoy their wedding day and of course have wonderful memories captured of their wedding day. All of Gina’s sisters helped her with the decorations and the flowers, which in my opinion looked amazing. I wish I had that many sisters so they could decorate our wedding. I love it when family members help a wedding come together. It shows the love they have for one another and you can tell from their wonderful day at The Waterview wedding.

It was a perfect day outside and their ceremony was an emotional one for both of them. It’s rare when a groom shows emotion, but I love it! They had a few moments alone before their reception and I made the most of it. Their reception was not short of any emotion also. Gina’s sisters gave a wonderful toast and so did Andrew’s best-man. The cake cutting was a first for me when Gina just planted it on Andrew’s face, but he had a comeback and when he went in for a kiss, he just smeared his face on hers and they were even.

Enjoy these wonderful portrait from their day at The Waterview wedding.


Venue: The Waterview

Hair: Salon Sanctuary

DJ: After Hours DJ