I was invited to tag along with Kimberly Lynn of Kimberly Lynn Photography for Dorota and Sean’s Aqua Turf Club wedding earlier this month. It’s always an honor to have a photographer ask you to be their second shooter with them. It means they trust you and the work you produce.

Dorota and Sean’s Aqua Turf Club wedding started out Sacred Heart Church in New Britain. It is a beautiful church and Dorota and Sean had their closest friends and family their. Dorota was walked down the aisle by her father; a moving experience in my opinion. After their lovely ceremony, we headed to the venue. This was my first experience with an Aqua Turf Club wedding, and I must say the venue is pretty big. They have four main rooms and Dorota and Sean’s Aqua Turf Club wedding reception took place in The Glass Room. Even with other events going on, you would not notice it in this well managed venue. The outdoor space is grand with a fountain and even a windmill.

Dorota and Sean’s reception was lovely and the food was incredible. Their first dance had a low fog, which is something I’ve never seen done before, but it was pretty awesome to witness as the fog surrounded them. Enjoy a few of the images I created during Dorota and Sean’s Aqua Turf Club wedding.

Aqua-turf-club-wedding-photos-1Aqua-turf-club-wedding-photos-2Aqua-turf-club-wedding-photos-3I got a little creative in the shot above, but I think it turned out incredible.


Venue: Aqua Turf Club