You should know by now that I love the Fall, and I enjoyed exploring Harkness Park with Christina and Jesse for their Harkness Park engagement session. It was my first time there, but I felt like I had been there before. While the wind was blowing like crazy, we still had fun on their Harkness Park engagement session. Thank goodness it wasn’t cold! We went on Monday, which is probably the best thing we did. If you were to go during the weekend, you would encounter a lot of other couples and families having their session there as well.

I always recommend to couples that weekdays are the best time for their engagement session, because there will be less traffic and with less people, you are likely to feel more relaxed during your session and you will enjoy it a lot more. Christina and Jesse enjoyed their Harkness Park Engagement session because of that and because they are deeply in love. Christina and Jesse are getting married next year and can’t wait for their wedding day!

While Christina and Jesse aren’t getting married at there, they love what the park has to offer. It has wonderful gardens, the mansion has great character, and there is a beach! No wonder they chose it for their Harkness Park engagement session. The best thing is that no two sessions can look the same!

Enjoy Christina and Jesse’s Harkness Park engagement session for now. There is a bit of time before their wedding! So why not give them some LOVE now and comment on what you think of their engagement session! They’d love to hear and so would I! Enjoy their portraits.



Location: Harkness Park, Waterford, CT