Anyone who’s ever planned a wedding or large party with multiple moving parts will tell you that the success of that lies in having a great timeline. As one of Atlanta wedding photographers and one with a background in logistics, I can attest that the best weddings are the ones with a solid timeline.

With every couple I’ve worked with, I’ve created a timeline for them regardless if they have a wedding planner or not. Our timeline is usually done a month before the wedding. I create the timeline based on a series of questions I send through a questionnaire 6 weeks before the wedding. Every timeline is unique because every wedding is unique.

So why do you need a time? You need a timeline to define when and where everything will start and to account for time. I usually typically recommend 1.5hrs for the getting ready and at the very minimum 1 hr. Allowing that extra 30 minutes helps for detail shots and creative shots like the one below. You don’t ever want to feel rushed on your wedding day.

atlanta georgian terrace wedding


Traveling between places should also be accounted in your timeline. You don’t just magically teleport to your next location. Although, I wish that was the case. We know that traffic in Atlanta can be terrible and very unpredictable. As one of Atlanta wedding photographers, I make sure to leave enough room for errors. It’s best to err on the side of caution.

Atlanta wedding photographers

Wedding Party

Another area where the timeline is very helpful is the family and wedding party portraits. With the questionnaire I send out, I also build out a shot-list of the combinations each couple wants. This allows me to see how much time we need for the portraits. If you have a 20 combinations, it could take up to 40 minutes. If you don’t account for that time in your timeline, it could throw the rest of you the timeline off or cut you short of the couples portraits.


First Look

Having a first look, helps make the timeline go a lot smoother and helps in the event things fall behind. If you have a first look, you are able to get a lot, if not all, of the family and wedding party portraits. This allows them to enjoy cocktail hour after the ceremony and get the party started. Plus, after the ceremony during cocktail hour, you are able to get in a few more couple’s portraits and who doesn’t love that.

cherokee town and country club wedding

If you’re planning a wedding, consider a photographer that helps you with the timeline. Your photographer will spend, 8+ hours with you on a wedding and with that comes experience and knowledge in how to be make your day as smooth as possible. Need one of atlanta wedding photographers finest? Contact me today. Check out our Instagram and keep up with our latest work.