There’s an old saying that says, “Once is Chance, Twice is a coincidence, Third time is a pattern.” This is my second time entering in the WPJA quarterly contest and my second time having an image win.  As a new Atlanta wedding photographer, I’m excited for the next round of the contest. I don’t ever have expect to win, but I am always excited and definitely surprised when I do. There are a lot of amazing photographers that enter amazing, mind-blowing images in contest like the WPJA and Fearless Photographer, which I have yet to win one, but I hope I do soon.

About the image: This image is from Alyssa and Mike’s wedding at T. J. Smith’s Victorian House, during their ceremony. Their officiant asked them for the rings and they both turned around at the same time to receive the rings from their friends. The judges comments is perfect. Ceremony can be boring and uneventful, but when moments like these happen and are captured, they become exciting.

If you are getting married and looking for an Atlanta wedding photographer, contact me so we can go over your wedding day. You will not regret hiring an award winning photographer. 😉

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