Arnold-Arboretum-Engagement-SessionI am in love with Kelly and David’s Arnold Arboretum engagement session. I had never been there, but I love going to new places or creating more interesting images in places I’ve been. Now, this is a big place and we started at what we decided was the least attractive area, so we drove around to the front. It seemed like the right place to be as soon as we started walking. I’ve done an engagement session in the Arboretum in DC, but that was over three years ago and this Arnold Arboretum engagement session is completely different. It’s not different because it is in a different place. It’s different because my style has evolved.

Kelly and David met online, like most of my couples do, and spend weeks talking online before they met in-person. I enjoy listening to my couples stories because they are all different and so unique (nothing like in the movies). Their first date was an all day affair as David put it. You can easily tell these two are so in love from their engagement pictures. Not because I made them stand really close to each other, but because they way they look at each other when I asked to. Plus, all my inspiration comes from the energy my couples give me and they let me run loose in my creativity.

I hope you enjoy Kelly and David’s Arnold Arboretum engagement session. If you have a favorite, let me know which one it is.


Location: Arnold Arboretum