Welcome to the new face of Antonio Rocha Photography! With this new route, I’ve started to think on the type of client I would like to attract. My ideal client loves photography and having treasures that future generations will love and appreciate. I love and enjoy when I go back home to my mother’s house or back to the Dominican Republic where my aunt lives, and grab those old family albums or boxes full of photos and look through them; I guess I’m sentimental. Those old photos in black and white are treasures to my whole family, so with this new path, I will offer my clients these wonderful, custom Wedding and Lifestyle Memory Boxes. I hope you are liking what you see of the new Antonio Rocha Photography!

Our life stories have many chapters left to be written, which is why I am offering these amazing, handmade memory boxes in my wedding and lifestyle collections. I recently stumbled upon these boxes and thought what a great idea they were. I am offering three different sizes. The one you see below is strictly for Antonio Rocha Photography. Every time I photograph a lifestyle session or wedding, I will print out my favorite image and add it to the box. I want to see it grow through the years.

This box, called the “Evan,” is a perfect fit for those 4×6 prints. It comes with a white cloth to wrap your prints in, a small space for a thumb drive, and three little vials that you can fill with a flower from the day of your wedding, sand, dirt, or hair from your baby’s first haircut. All the memory boxes will be engraved with whatever you would like on it.

I enjoy traditions and personally I cannot wait to have one for Curtis and I to fill up with pictures of our wedding day and eventually our little ones! I’d love to hear what you think of these boxes. Don’t be shy, leave a comment below for the new Antonio Rocha photography.   🙂

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